The #1 Way To Make Money In The Elevator – (Networking)

Of course the #1 way to capitalize from your elevator speech is to HAVE ONE in the first place.
I have a colleague who is a highly successful CPA and works in a large building. He tells me he makes between $60k and $120k per year just on deals he started by using his brief “elevator speech”, literally in the elevator to and from his floor.
Naturally, many of us out there do not ride elevators every day but we DO and should be attending mastermind and other formal networking events where you will have about a minute to tell a captive audience who you are and what you do.
Here is a brief example of one I use. Of course I tailor it to the occasion but it’s a good foundation to work with. Create 2 or 3 go-to “Elevator Speeches” so you can capture your target client base at every opportunity.
Remember, it’s not about pitching your product or service, it’s more about generating the interest in someone’s mind to want to come talk to you after and set a follow up call and meeting.
Bonus Challenge: When you create yours, send it to me so I know what you do!
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