As a Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team, I offer customized presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs and bring inspiration, passion and energy to every presentation.  I am available for:

Keynote Speech For Your Company Event

  • “Accomplish Your Goals, Don’t Just Set Them”

Everybody talks about setting goals.  It makes no difference if you are an employee, CEO, small business owner or entrepreneur.  But did you know that 97% of society today does not have clearly defined written goals?  Of those who do set goals, less than half stay on track and actually reach their goals.  I have been a part of this statistic before and I need to to how to change it.

I have found there are 4 primary reasons why the majority of society does not have clearly defined written goals and have also identified the 5 Deadly mistakes most people make when approaching the goal setting process.  Make any one of them and your goals may be doomed from the start and if you are like most people, you may be making multiple of these mistakes at the same time!  It’s no wonder why so many people fall short of their goals.

I will expose these 4 reasons and illuminate the 5 deadly mistakes so you can be sure to overcome these reasons and avoid these mistakes.  I also begin to highlight the beginning of the effective 8 step process for actually accomplishing your goals and changing your results once and for all!

  • “The Image Maker” – “Create Your Vision, Conquer Your Self Limiting Beliefs & Supercharge Your Self-Image!”

None of us were born with a self image but throughout our formative years and into our adult lives, the majority of us develop self limiting beliefs and in many case a negative self-image even if we do not realize it.  By the time we are 18, most of us have been told “No” or that we cannot do something over 180,000 times!  And it does not stop when we are 18, the negative influences all around us continue to have a negative impact on our lives.

Socrates said that our self-image is the governor of our lives.  It acts as the regulator that controls the levels of success that was are able to have in ANY area of our lives.  It controls your behavior in all areas of your life.  James Allen said we will never outperform our own self image and level of self worth.  That is so true!

The problem is that most people have not reached a level in their own personal development journey to have effectively built adequate counter measures against the negativity and intentional habits and rituals to feed their minds with the proper, positive mental proteins they need.

I will show you how to create life changing habits and help you build an amazing vision for your life.  I will expose what your self-image and limiting beliefs are costing you, your family and your business and help you create a plan to manifest your limitless possibilities.

Other Speaking Services

  • 10 minute briefing

  • “Lunch and Learn”

  • Motivational Speech

  • Half day and full day workshop/seminar

  • In-house corporate training

  • Leadership Development

  • In house presentations

Together, we will inspire, motivate and educate your teams to higher levels of accountability, awareness and success!

In addition to my individual prepared speeches and ability to craft a speech specific to your event, I can also offer John Maxwel content related speeches and training.

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