Do You Value Your Time & That Of Others?


Learning to value and respect someones time I think really comes from experience and maturity.
The real growth comes when you truly learn to respect and value your OWN time as well and therefore encourage and train others to do the same.
Not to risk going too deep into any cliches, I will definitely say that time is our most valuable commodity. You trade that commodity anytime you devote time to someone or something and it is always my goal and mission to ensure any time spent with me is worthy of that trade.
I also spend a lot of time building my businesses, making them and myself more valuable and also creating new opportunities to present to those around me.
I have to do what I can to ensure that time invested to create those opportunities provide a return but like any investment, I understand there is a risk and as an entrepreneur, not all things you invest your time in pay good dividends.
However, short term, high yielding investments and longer term cashflow investment to create true multi-generational wealth and financial freedom, do!
Be mindful and respectful of other people’s time and they will typically return the favor. Make sure you respect your own time and you will be better positioned to add the most amount of value to those you serve!
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