Choose Your Own Holiday!


Happy Presidents Day everyone!

I hear today is a national holiday and my daughters are out of school.

Are any of you off work today? How many of you are working or working on something to help you realize your life vision and goals?

I celebrated the holiday by taking a little “me” time this morning and actually getting up later than 5am today. Sharon and I had a nice slower morning together but after breakfast I got right back at it.

My vision for growth in my Real Estate Investing, Speaking and Coaching businesses demands and motivates me to put in productive work every day and “choose” what my holidays will be.

I currently have 22 Real Estate projects going right now and continue looking for more.

My fund raising efforts by way of offering investors great opportunities and amazing returns they are hard pressed to find anywhere else are ramping up again and I currently have 10 new prospective investors I am following up with.

I have 3 speaking engagements the next couple of months so far and 15 coaching prospects I am scheduling times with.

These activities along with spending a little time on my book and a new presentation are all things I am dedicating efforts to today on this “holiday” Monday.

I also have 10 Great completed and truly turn key Rental properties available right now for all of you investors looking to grow your portfolios and securing some of your funds with real property. Deals like these: All fully renovated and cash flowing with tenants in place. Kansas City, Missouri.

2/1 Bungalow in Historic NE.
PP: $55k
Rent: $600/mo
Net Income: $426

3/1 Bungalow in E Independence
PP: $63k
Rent: $750
Net Income: $529

3/2 South KC
PP: $63k
Rent: $750
Net Income: $528

Reach out and let’s start a conversation about YOUR visions and how we could combine our efforts to accomplish them!

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