Ivan Oberon

Ivan Oberon


Hello Everyone!

My name is Ivan Oberon.  (I guess the fact that you are here means you figured that out by now).  I am a family man and live with my beautiful bride and 2 lovely daughters.  I am outnumbered 3 to 1 and I love it!  My girls are so much fun and I could not ask for a more loving and supportive bride.  I am SO grateful for the life and marriage I have now, especially because it was not always that way.

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Can I be real with you, fully transparent and open myself up to you for a few minutes?

I’ve always enjoyed helping others and finding ways to add value to those I come in contact with.

I believe that everybody has a story. Everyone is on their own journey of life and has experienced their own struggles and victories. Everybody has a vision and dreams, goals and even fears. I believe that as human beings we were born with an innate desire to grow and a desire to improve, yet most of us wake up each morning and life remains pretty much the same…

I believe that all of the lessons learned on our journey of struggle and success can and should be used to add value to and improve the lives of others.

My story really began out of the ashes of the biggest trials in my life.

My original background was in insurance. I was a licensed independent agent for over 10 years. It was a good job but let’s face it, there is nothing all that exciting about insurance so I had no real passion for it. And the biggest problem with that was that I still possessed an employee type mentality and really wasn’t going above and beyond in order to make myself the greatest.   What I did find satisfaction and a passion for was in helping people and being able to add value to them via products and services they really did need.

Well, after about 8 years in the business I began going through a major life event that was also directly connected to my work environment. This is when the struggle really began.

I began dreading going into work so of course my performance and income also began to decline.

I found myself in a position, many I am sure can relate to, of hating going into work but being paralyzed by fear of starting over and doing something completely new.  So what do I do??

One day my Dad said to me, why don’t you consider investing in real estate???

I knew nothing about Real Estate Investing but fortunately for me, by this point I was definitely in a place of constructive discontent with my current situation and so I agreed to look into it.

The first thing I did was look into one of those Real Estate Investing seminars and what I heard at my first seminar really resonated with me.  After that, I went on to attend several other seminars and invested a great deal of money on my education, learning everything I could about how to flip houses.

I soon began to realize that if I was going to do this, I was going to become an entrepreneur and the way I thought and the actions and decisions I made were going to need to change.

When I first started, I developed a mantra that I felt would help me get my business off the ground and also improve the lives of everyone I came in contact with.. I simply asked myself, “How Can I Add Value To Others?” I came to the conclusion that everybody needs money in this business so I decided the way I was going to be able to add great value at first was by being able to bring the money. And that’s just what I did. I committed to educate and position myself to work with private lenders once I realized I did not want to work with Hard Money Lenders. Within 3 months of making that decision, I had raised over $500k in private money and I started doing deals in Southern California and in less than a year, I was working with over $2MM in cash.

Now, here’s an interesting thing you have to consider, especially those who don’t think they can grow or build their own businesses. I began to build my business under the radar. I still had to work at the insurance agency and I could not have anyone there find out what I was doing for many reasons.
So I used to work a full day at the insurance agency and then come home to work till after midnight or 1am submitting offers, reviewing contracts, estimating repairs and continuing to learn.  I am remarried now and my wife and I still laugh about how I used to set up a ladder and back it up against my treadmill and set my laptop on the little shelf and would be reviewing deals and comps and estimating repairs. I was willing to do what ever it took!

Hundreds of transactions later, my teams are still active and I am free to speak, coach and add value to others on a growing scale!

The wonderful thing about the pain that drove me into entrepreneurship is the path of personal development and leadership training it led me to.  I quickly realized that in order to succeed in my own business I was going to have to learn how to add value to others.  I needed to first become more valuable myself and the only way to do that was through continual self-education and personal growth and development.  Brian Tracy calls it the CANEI principle; Continual and Never Ending Improvement.

I began listening to and reading everything I could about influence, leadership, sales, communication, networking, public speaking, mindset and high performance by greats like Tony Robins, Brian Tracy, Harv Ecker, Wayne Dyer, John Maxwell, Grant Cardone and Zig Ziglar.

My quest and passion to help others and truly add value to them led me to become a Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer with the John Maxwell team and that has been an amazingly fulfilling decision.

That is my true passion!  Using my experiences, training and life lessons to help others become the BEST versions of themselves that they can possibly be.  I am an agent of positive life change and a facilitator of financial freedom in the lives of others and long to equip, empower and inspire everyone I work with so they can reach their FULL potential!
My mentors include industry experts such as John Maxwell, Brendon Burchard and Tony Robins.  I have been featured in Bloomberg Radio, Private Lender Magazine, Community Investor Magazine, Realty 411 Magazine and Today’s Practice Magazine.

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~ Ivan