My mission is to help you reach higher levels of success, awareness, inspiration, focus and financial freedom!

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Ivan Oberon

Meet Ivan

Ivan Oberon is a Certified Speaker, Coach & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team and a seasoned Real Estate Investor who has participated in nearly 500 transactions. It is his passion to help you reach higher levels of Success, Awareness, Fulfillment, Focus, Inspiration and Financial Freedom and Security in your life!.

Ivan’s journey into Personal Development Speaking and Real Estate Investing began in 2004. The final catalyst, which ignited his passion to pursue this space and to help others do the same, came through a renewed awareness in the aftermath of a devastating divorce.

Filled with purpose to provide for his two daughters and care for his now aging parents Ivan set off into entrepreneurship, Real Estate Investing, Leadership Training and continual Personal Development.

Ivan’s mentors include industry experts such as John Maxwell, Brendon Burchard and Tony Robins. He has been featured in Private Lender Magazine, Bloomberg Radio, Community Investor Magazine, Realty 411 Magazine and Today’s Practice Magazine.

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